Jeremy Morton
Architecture & Photography
Boathouse Experiential Rendering.jpg



Boathouse on the Schuylkill River

arch 103 (Studio 2a)

The design was informed by the tempo of the crew rower’s stroke which created the rhythms for the boathouse structure. The ultimate design goal was to seamlessly combine water with land. This was accomplished by placing the facility on both land and water, while framing views from the water to the land and the land to the water. Storage for up to 8 boats at water level allows for easy access to the river. Circulation is defined by a series of frames guiding the user to the extension over the river.   

Study model

Corrugated Cardboard and Basswood

Translation from Joint to form

Axonometric sketch

Floorplans and Section

Hand Drafting and Photoshop

Autocad plans, Sections, and Elevations

AutoCAD and Photoshop

final model

Lasercut Basswood and Corrugated Cardboard