Jeremy Morton
Architecture & Photography
Interior Perspective.jpg


Micro dwelling

Taylor Lake Artist Retreat 

Arch 104 (Studio 2b)

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

    This micro-dwelling is designed for the creative at heart that require isolation and immersion in nature to conjure their masterpieces. The experience begins when the artist hikes up the slight grade of the hiking trail, beginning with crossing a river on a wooden foot bridge. The artist then reaches the campsite at the edge of Taylor Lake and at the foot of the towering Rocky Mountains. The artist follows the lake’s south edge and reaches the wooden-clad dwelling where they will be spending the next few days to few weeks creating their work. The artist pulls a lever which flips open the West wall of the dwelling. They enter the public space of the dwelling with 2’ x 12’ wood boards spaced one foot apart on the surrounding exterior walls to let light into the space. They look up at the glass oculus and watch as the clouds go by in the blue sky. The artist proceeds into the kitchen with a wrap-around counter forming a dining bar. As the artist continues to the private area of the dwelling, the wooden boards, which were once open, twist to form a solid wooden wall which lets no light into the space. The bed lays on the ground at the East edge of the interior. The shower serves as the center of the 16’ x 16’ square floor plan. The walls that wrap around the shower set the datum line for the separation between public and private space. This space that is open to Taylor Lake and the towering Rocky Mountains fosters the talent of the individual that inhabits the dwelling. 


study model

Basswood Sticks

Facade Study model


Final Design

Site plan

Hand Drafting and Photoshop

exterior rendering

Hand Drafting and Photoshop


Hand Drafting and Photoshop


Hand Drafting and Photoshop

South Elevation

Hand Drafting and Photoshop

East elevation

Hand Drafting and Photoshop

Interior Perspective

Hand Drafting and Photoshop

Structure axon diagram

Hand Drafting, Photoshop, and Illustrator

Private vs. Public Diagram

Hand Drafting and Photoshop

Transformation of shape diagram

Hand Drafting, Photoshop, and Illustrator

Final Model

Chipboard and Basswood Sticks